Had Enough Yet? A New Approach For Voters
Vets, be aware. Presidential Candidates want to privatize the VA with Vouchers permanently. Story Lower Right Column.

This Video Will Explain My New Concept And The Reasons Why I Got Involved As An Non-Partisan Candidate. This idea is new and has never been tried in Congress before. The constituents of this district will be voting on every piece of legislation that crosses my desk which preserves your voice, your opinion and what you think is best as to your vote. This is non-partisan alternative and is open to all registered voters in this district. Most importantly by keeping the focus on local issues. Creating jobs is my number 1 priority as a result of our persistent high unemployment rate and improve the status of our middle class by my plan to create jobs..

The Safeguard Concept

You will cast your vote either by a 800 Phone Number or by the Internet utilizing a secured network. You will be able to vote only once per legislation based on its legislative merits. For those who have access to the Internet or a Phone. A video or a audio summary will be provided for you before the vote. My vote will be based on the majority vote of 51% or direct representation. In order to truly represent the majority vote, 51% of registered voters must vote out of the total registered voters in this district. Based on the latest numbers from the State Election Division of registered voters , no one party is even close to having a majority. The 51 % will be made of a broad spectrum of various parties. In other words, it has to be a combined voting party effort. If the 51% votes are not reached, then I will vote on the constituents behalf. How you vote will remain anonymous and I want even know how you voted. That remains private. All information about you will also be anonymous and will be hidden. You get one vote per pin number and there are instructions about that in the demo.

Why I Got involved?

From the article, the Laughlin Times about this new idea and getting involved...

"In September 2011, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder invoked Public Act 4, which permitted him to replace elected officials in the economically stressed cities of Pontiac and Detroit with emergency managers who had the authority to nullify labor contracts, privatize public services and even terminate elected officials, resulting in those emergency managers being answerable only to the governor. After a certain period of time, the people of Pontiac and Detroit didn't like what they saw and so what they did is they got a referendum together, St. John stated. That referendum to do away with PA4 made it to the ballot and passed. Everybody thought that the governor would have to deal with the people directly. Thirty seven days later, the law was re-written and it was made referendum proof. The governor signed it and put it into law, which put him back in business". This action negated or dismissed the voters and our democracy no longer existed. Even in other states, voters are now being legislated out. This to me is a very slippery slope that threatens the very fabric of our democracy.

Additional Information and Creating Jobs

For the first time in this constituent alternative approach, your direct voting option with the legislative process will have a significant role as to directly representing the voters of this district. Having you on the inside, it will also make the legislative process more transparent and put democracy back in your hands where it belongs. Having you involved, there will be many issues that we will be working on.


The priorities that I will pursue by being focused on local issues are the following: Number 1 priority is jobs. The latest numbers are hovering above 67,500 or 6.8-7.0. We are currently rated as 45th in the nation. The link "Number 1 Priority" will explain further my ideas for creating jobs. I am very pro-business and will do as much as I can to streamline regulations and keep our government out of businesses. Most importantly, I am a job orientated candidate as a result of my unique business experience. I will work on enhancing our existing companies and work on other priorities that I will pursue.(1) I will pursue diversification to have other industries to move to this district. (2) Expanding alternative energy to create jobs and to bring down the costs of utilities over a period of time. (3)Legislating improvements on the ACA especially getting coverage in another state as in the case of a number of states. (4) It is hard to believe that the water level is so low. I will pursue other options.(5) The circumstances regarding our vets is extremely important to me and I will find solutions for the homeless and bring back their dignity. There are many issues that we will be working on. I look forward to working with our constituents on these and other issues. (6) Such as, improving our educational system, expanding employment training programs for new job opportunities and improve the status of the middle class, re-working legislation for immigration reform. (7) Finally, making sure that promises are kept for Security Security, Medicare and Pensions.
Link to my work experience...
Professional Work Experience

If your not registered to vote, I cannot stress enough to register now more than ever either at this link Secretary of State or at your local DMV. Always remember, your vote does count and does make a difference. Having you involved in this constituent experiment, may grow and have a future influence on our political system with other districts adapting the Safeguard approach.

Below, is the link to the demo voting page which will require you to use a password. This log in is meant to be used only as a demo and you will able to see how it will work. There are instructions that will guide you through the process. The video is not legislative but rather it will be me explaining how the vote video summary works.
Voting Page

According to various news outlets, their are candidates in the 2016 election who want to privatize the VA permanently with a Voucher System and it is gaining traction. In other words, get rid of the VA and replace with privatization. News article excerpt..."Actually, many people know exactly what would happen, among them...AMVETS, Disabled American Veterans, Paralyzed Veterans of America, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Sending millions of older, sicker Americans many of them requiring specialized care for rare and complex health problems into the waiting arms of private insurers, private doctors and private pharmaceutical firms is a recipe for chaos and de facto rationing on a grand scale. As the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) concluded its assessment would be a dramatic shift of health care costs onto the Vets costing an added 50 billion dollars more to privatize the VA." The Vets would have to fend for themselves in our current private health insurance care system. The latest facts about the VA that they have hired more than 800 more doctors, hired over 1000 nurses and have and will add close to 30 new VA facilities. The average wait time ranges from one day to 30 days and it does continue to drop. There are systemic problems within the VA but those problems are being addressed aggressively. Our Vets deserve the best health care but not under total privatization. Did you know that 70% of our Doctors and Nurses are trained by the VA. Did you know those who have been hospitalized by the VA have rated the VA higher in overall care as compared to private hospital care year after year. If you have any questions or Comments Let me know.

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Last Update 4/17/15
I know that many voters feel that their vote does not matter or that they seem irrelevant based on the extremely low voter turn out 19%-30% country wide. If you truly realize that you had enough with what is going on in Washington in the next two years. I do have a new alternative that will put democracy back into your hands where it belongs and start to stop our dysfunctional and our polarizing political process. It is called the Safeguard Concept where you will vote on every piece of legislation that crosses my desk. In order for voters to make changes, you will now be on the inside of congress instead of being on the outside just as an observer. No one party has a majority so it is a combined effort by all current registered voters. The details are below and will explain how it works including how I will vote based on the 51% or the true majority. It is within the constitution and requires no new laws. It has the potential for other districts to adapt this concept so that voters will once again have a voice that has teeth across this country. There is an article in the Tribune that explains the new alternative... Democracy Another article from CBS Local News Would Leave Voting To You
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